Corporate Catering Adelaide
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Corporate Catering Adelaide

Corporate Catering Adelaide – Whether You Need Catering For Two Or For Two Hundred – We Are The First Choice For Corporate Catering In Adelaide

Corporate Catering Adelaide will take care of every aspect of your catering needs for all your corporate functions or events. We have a team of highly skilled and committed people who pride themselves on providing a fantastic dining experience each and every time.

At Corporate Catering Adelaide we can cater for up to two hundred people, for a small group or just two people. We offer a variety of meals styles and cuisines and can also cater for vegetarians, vegans and any dietary restrictions such as gluten free and nut free meals.

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 Just let us know what you need and we will take care of the rest


Corporate Catering Adelaide - Helping Create A Unique and Special Catering Experience For Everyone

Corporate Catering Adelaide can customise your catering experience to reflect your business or personal needs. We have a range of catering on offer whether you are after an exquisite dining experience to match any five star restaurant or looking for a more relaxed and down to earth feel have meals to match.


Corporate Catering Adelaide Will Take Care Of –

  • All meals and cleaning up,
  • Chefs, cooks, wait staff and a catering manager to oversee the whole event (over 50 people),
  • Decor and furnishings (if required), table ware eg. Cutlery, plates, serving dishes, tablecloths etc.,
  • Extensive wine, beer, champagne, spirits and cocktail list as well as non alcoholic drinks including fancy mocktails,
  • Delicious and delectable dessert menu,
  • Plus we are happy to arrange a cake or any other special requirements.

Call Us Now At Corporate Catering Adelaide And Chat To One Of Our Friendly Team Members To Find Out More.